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Bangladeshi Muslim Migrants

Bangladeshi Migrants : Who needs to be given Asylum? Does it depend on someone’s religion? Here is an explanation :

1) India and Pakistan declared themselves as Secular and Islamic Republics respectively after independence. There were Muslims who stayed in India and likely so, there were Hindus who chose to remain in Pakistan which in 1971 was divided into two – Bangladesh came into existence.

2) Because of the non secular nature of Pakistan and Bangladesh, Hindus have been persecuted by the majority community, from decades now in both these countries. The percentage of Hindus has declined from 18% in 1947 to 2% in 2011 in Bangladesh and to around 1% in Pakistan. Both countries have immense poverty as well.

3) It is in this background that two types of immigrants are crossing over to India namely a) Economic Migrants and b) Migrants due to religious persecution.

i) Economic Migrants are those who are crossing over to India because they have nothing to eat in Bangladesh due to poverty. Such elements are a security threat to any nation and should be prevented from crossing over. It is their Government’s responsibility to take care of them.

ii) Migrants due to religious persecution are those who are being killed for the simple fact that they belong to a religion other than Islam.

4) Now, Muslims cannot suffer religious persecution in a Muslim majority Islamic Republic. Therefore, Muslims as a matter of fact are Economic Migrants whereas Hindus and others of Bangladesh, who are crossing over to India are migrants due to religious persecution.

5) From a Historical perspective of India’s division, and also from a Human Rights point of view, it is incumbent on India to protect each and everyone who suffers Religious Persecution especially in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Therefore in this specific case, Hindus who are crossing over to India need to be given protection and asylum whereas Muslims, who are only economic migrants need to be dealt with law. But, the Congress and other so called Secular parties for the sake of vote bank, are dragging Hindu migrants away and giving voter ID and Ration cards to economic migrants, who in this case are Muslims.

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