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Corruption : A menace for any civilised society :

In the State of M.P v. Ram Singh, (2005) 5 SCC, the Supreme Court said, ” Corruption is like a plague which is not only contagious but if not controlled spreads like fire in a jungle. Its virus is compared with HIV leading to AIDS, being incurable. Unless nipped in the bud and at the earliest, it is likely to cause turbulences, shaking the socio-economic/notified system, in an otherwise healthy wealthy effective and vibrating society.”

Corruption is a systemic problem and is presumably a symptom of a much deeper colonial malaise -“Centralisation of Power in few institutions”. The need of the hour is to fight for governance reforms, so that the power gets decentralised and reaches the grass roots of the society. The 3Fs viz Funds, Functions and Functionaries needs to be devolved right to the institutions at the grass roots in both, letter and spirit. The immediate steps to curb corruption are steps like e-governance, awareness campaigns which will demolish the myth of Mai-Baap culture, a direct offshoot of ‘Colonial Hangover’, awareness about tools like Right to Information Act, recourse to judicial authorities etc. Political, Administrative, Judicial, Electoral and Police reforms reforms should be the mid term objective. The value system for which India was held in high esteem in the entire world, needs to be reignited and imbibed in the Indian Society as a long term measure. ‘Transparency International’ a global non profit civil society organisation has indexed J&K as the second most corrupt state after Bihar on its Corruption Perception Index(CPI)

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