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Hiranagar Rally Against reservation in Promotions

The Hiranagar Wing of the Joint Action Committee under the leadership of Convener Ankur Sharma organized a huge mass protest rally in Hiranagar which was attended by general masses from all sections of the society numbering in thousands. Joint Action Committee issued an appeal to all right thinking people for raising their voice against ‘Reservation in Promotions’ and to strive hard for allowing reservation only on the basis of economic criteria. The committee forthwith declared that it stands for a casteless society and this fight against injustice and reverse discrimination is not targeted against any community, caste or creed but against flawed policies of the Government. I was further added that any attempt by anyone to politicize and trivialize this fight against injustice as an inter community clash will be condemned in the strictest possible manner.Hiranagar Hall
Speaking on the occasion Convener JAC Mr. Ankur Sharma warned politicians acting as mute spectators of electoral defeat and political misfortunes if they fail to honor the sentiments and grievances of the large section of the society. He further said that the Joint Action Committee opposes Reservation in Promotions and advocates poverty as the basis for offering reservation. He further said that Reservation in Promotions is “Reverse Discrimination” coupled with “Administrative Inefficiency” is against National Interest and it disturbs the balance between Equality and Positive Discrimination. Speaking on the merits of the policy he said that if reservation based upon caste is a good and effective policy, it’s being implemented for 68 years now and therefore should be immediately discontinued as in 68 long years it should have achieved the intended targets but if reservation based upon caste till date has failed to deliver, it means it is a flawed policy and therefore we have a reason to believe that it should be discontinued immediately and poverty should be made the basis of reservation or affirmative action.
Ankur Sharma attacked the current Transport Minister Mr. A.G Kohli for offering to resign in favour of reservation and lamented that the Transport Minister chose to continue in office ever after being severely indicted by the Vigilance of grabbing forest land vide High Court case OWP 933/2015 titled Ankur Sharma V/s. State of J&K and Ors. He termed the offer of resignation as a political stunt aimed at dividing the society on caste lines.
Ved Prakash Sharma (President Brahman Sabha, Jammu) emphasized the fact that the Creamy layer among reserved castes is unfortunately not letting the benefits of affirmative action trickle down to the poorest of the poor and the backward sections of the society.
Dr. Guru Prasad said that the Committee also seeks the support of intellectuals, social workers, other activists and people from every strata of the society in National Interest. He added that the committee firmly believes that in the absence of an efficient administrative setup, eradicating backwardness and poverty will remain a distant dream.
Retired D.C Central Excise and Customs Madan Lal Toofan added that the Committee reinforces its commitment for the welfare of the poor, needy, backward and the downtrodden and exhorts the well-off and creamy layer within the backward classes to do the same. He appealed that the OBCs and the most backwards within the S.C/S.Ts should also join this movement so that the benefits denied to them for so long could also be made available to them.Hiranagar rally 2
Senior N.C leaders Bharti Sharma and Ravinder Pathania strongly pitched for poverty to be declared as the basis of reservation. They criticized the vote bank politics being done on this important issue and warned politicians and political parties of electoral defeats in the event of failing the general category masses.
Lakhwinder Jasrotia stressed that the Joint Action Committee is for ‘Affirmative Action’ which is a sine qua non of Inclusive Development but we are against ‘Political Conspiracy’ and ‘Reverse Discrimination’ which may degenerate a peaceful Nation into a divided house. Presidents of all the General Category Sabhas, Retired personnels, members of the civil society, social activists and public intellectuals also spoke on the issue and warned the Government of serious electoral losses in the event of showing any disfavor to the general category masses. Others who spoke on the occasion included Pawan Gupta, Narinder Sangra, Er. Rajinder K Sharma, Rajkumar who in one voice warned the government of intensifying their struggle even by going on fast unto death if the government even attempts to bring any legislation making way for reservation in promotions. A sister wing (United Front for social justice) of the JAC has also organized a rally at Jammu today.

(Ankur Sharma) B.Tech (I.T); LL.B (D.U)
Convener (Joint Action Committee) Dated: 27/12/2015

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