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Identity of India as a Nation

What is the identity of India as a nation? Do Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Parsis living in India have a common identity?

The American identity according to Samuel Huntington is White Anglo Saxon Protestant English Speaking people. Others living in America are American citizens- be they blacks or Muslims or Hindus.

The identity of Britain as a nation according to its current Prime Minister is that Britain is a Christian nation. Others are citizens of Britain.

Then, what is the identity of Indian Nation? Here, religious identity is to be differentiated from the National identity. We need not mix religion with identity. So, what is your identity as a Indian National?

Though India’s political integration happened only 66 Years ago, as an identity, a National Identity has existed for thousands of years. People from outside world have communicated with India as a Nation though politically it was many bits and pieces. So, what is that identity which we have forgotten? Why is India suffering from an identity crisis? What does history and DNA studies say about Indian identity? I am not answering this in my post because those under the influence of Western Hegemony and History Centrism will call me communal after reading my answer. This is so because Colonialists have created an education system which dismisses those trying to prevent their indigenous culture or civilisation as Right Wing or Communal. Though, we can discuss our identity in the comments that entail this post. Things will be easier for me to explain rather being dismissed as communal to begin with…

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