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JNU Row- Ideological Perspective

An alternate Ideological perspective to #JNURow.

Glimpses of last one year in JNU:

1. A very derogatory cartoon of Goddess Durga was published in a JNU magazine called ‘Forward Press’.

Reason: Left leaning propagandists consider Mahishasura, ( a demon killed by Goddess Durga) as a Noble Tribal king.

2. A havan was organised by a student on his birthday to which hostel warden Prof Burton Cleetus objected and asked the student to put out the fire.

3. In December 2015, Prof. Arshad Alam was accused of Sexual assault by a Hindu women which was dubbed as Love Jehad.

4. February 9: Afzal Guru event unfolded.

Ideological Perspective:

Communists always support Extremist Islamists against Hindus in India and against Catholics in Europe. Apart from it, they exploit two of our fault lines namely Caste and Identity( Aryan-Dravidian) with an aim to balkanize India as it has been kept intact only due to Brahmanical Hegemony.

Let me explain the relation between the Communists/Marxists and the Extremist Muslims with the help of following points:

1) For Communists Indian nationalism is bourgeois nationalism but Russian/Chinese nationalism for them is proletarian nationalism. For Muslim communalists Indian nationalism denotes religious nationalism of Hindus but Arab nationalism is Islamic nationalism for them.

2) The Communists called the nationalist leaders of freedom movement as Hindu bourgeois whereas the Muslims called them Hindu leaders.

3) The Communists believe only in state that is the legal and geographical association of people. Being the limbs of international Communist movement they do not recognise national boundary of India. The Muslim communalists too believe in pan-Islamism in which there is no place for motherland. As supranationalists they do not have faith in nationalism.

4) Patriotic association that constitutes a nation with common heritage and culture in which hearts and minds move in one direction is not acceptable to either of them.

5) For both of them the concept of nationalism is synonymous to Hinduism and therefore they opposed the efforts of nationalist forces to promote its spirit among the countrymen during freedom movement. They oppose the concept of nationalism now as well terming it as communal. Hate-Hindu campaign became a common link between them and they jointly targeted the nationalist forces as their common enemy.

6) The Communists floated multi-national theory in support of two-nation theory propagated by the Muslim League.

7) Ever since the Communist Party of India (CPI) was born in mid 1920s it had been trying to keep the Muslim mind confused over pre-Islamic past of this country. The Communists equated the controversial Aryan invasion theory as well as forceful eviction of Dravidians to the South that was propounded by the historians of the West with the Muslim invaders and persecution of the Hindus. Banking on the European account of Indian History the Communists argue that if Muslim invaders like Arabs, Turks, Central Asians, Afghans or Persians were outsiders, Hindus too were not the indigenous people of this land as they were also the descendants of Aryan invaders from outside? They rationalised the violent entry of Islam in India at the point of sword justifying the peace even with violent means. Please note that the Aryan Dravidian theories have been nullified by the recent DNA studies. But still the propaganda is on.


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