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Fundamentalist Muslims & Indian Communist/Marxists

..Strange Allies… by South Asia Analysis Group

Ideologically, the Muslim communalists and Godless Communists are poles apart in their worldview. It is however said that Muslim communalists often used the cadres of the Communist Party of India (CPI) as their point men in furtherance of their communal grievances. Who used whom may be a debatable question but the experience of their political game in this country shows that they fought jointly against the nationalist forces, which were their common target.

Communists are known for speaking in many voices if it suits their interest. Contrary to the Marxian dictum -‘religion is the opium of people’ their softness towards the religious obscurantism of the Muslims exposed their intellectual hypocrisy and puzzled the people of India. Gradually both of the Communists and Muslim communalists became strange allies perhaps due to some under mentioned resemblance in their character, which served as common link to bring them together:

Both the Communists and the Muslim communalists are internationalists in character. The Communists attempt to ‘ape Russia and China’ for everything. It is said, if there is rain in Moscow or China, Indian Communists open their umbrellas. The Muslim Communalists on the other hand are emotionally attached to Perso-Arabic socio-culture with Saudi Arabia as their international centre.

None of them ever opposed collaborative relation between China and Pakistan, which was basically to precipitate chaotic conditions in secular India.
None of them believe in the concept of common nationalism. ). For Communists Indian nationalism is bourgeois nationalism but Russian/Chinese nationalism for them is proletarian nationalism. “Once the Marxist bug bites a person, he dumps nationalism and cuts himself off from his civilisational heritage” (Dina Nath Mishra in Pioneer dated August 22, 2004. For Muslim communalists Indian nationalism denotes religious nationalism of Hindus but Arab nationalism is Islamic nationalism for them. The Communists called the nationalist leaders of freedom movement as Hindu bourgeois whereas the Muslims called them Hindu leaders.

The Communists believe only in state that is the legal and geographical association of people. Being the limbs of international Communist movement they do not recognise national boundary of India. The Muslim communalists too believe in pan-Islamism in which there is no place for motherland. As supranationalists they do not have faith in nationalism.
Patriotic association that constitutes a nation with common heritage and culture in which hearts and minds move in one direction is not acceptable to either of them.
For both of them the concept of nationalism is synonymous to Hinduism and therefore they opposed the efforts of nationalist forces to promote its spirit among the countrymen during freedom movement. Hate-Hindu campaign became a common link between them and they jointly targeted the nationalist forces as their common enemy.

The Communists described the nationalist movement for freedom as collaboration of National Bourgeoisie with ‘fascism’ and therefore supported the war efforts of ‘British Bureaucracy’ ‘, which they had earlier called ‘British Imperialist’. The Muslim League too supported the war efforts of the British.

The Communists floated multi-national theory in support of two-nation theory propagated by the Muslim League.
Theoretically both of them believe in social equality but in practice they purge their opponents once they are in political power. Both believe in social equality but consider their own concept on this issue perfect. “Both Muslims and Communists regard their own concept of social structure perfect” (Dalwai in Muslim politics in India).

Both claim themselves to be democratic in character but do not allow freedom of thought.
Both of them justify use of violence to propagate their doctrine.

While the Muslims are supposed to work for a united ‘Ummat’ (Muslim community) for whole world, the Communists’ slogan is to ‘unite the workers of the world’.

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