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Are All Muslims Terrorists?

All Muslims are not terrorists vs All terrorists are Muslims :

1) There are approximately 1.2 billion Muslims in the world. I agree that not all of them are radicals.

2) Depending upon the reports of all the Intelligence Agencies of the World, nearly 15 to 25% of the Muslims are radicals. This amounts to 180 to 300 Million Muslims which is of the size of America.

3) The rest 75% Muslims never come up or organise themselves in seriously opposing these elements. Infact, terrorism is the 10th step. A large section of the so called Moderate Muslims participate or acquiesce up till the 9th step.

Now, why Hindu Nationalists keep attacking these radical Muslims :

These 15 to 25% radicals are hell bent upon destroying Hindu Civilisation as their literature clearly exhorts that India is an unfinished Chapter of Islamic History. The unfinished chapter is that even after 700 years of Islamic rule in India, they couldn’t convert the majority of Hindus to Islam and they shall do it now. Today, Muslims of India are poisoned slowly to fall in suicide against Hindus. Therefore we see home grown terrorist organisations of Indian born Muslims namely, IM, SIMI etc. These organisations are a manifestation of this ideology which itself finds meaning from the EXCLUSIVE nature of Islam.

We learn from history that the so called Moderate Majority is irrelevant. Here is how this can be established :

1) Majority of the Germans were moderates. The Nazis drove the agenda and killed 60 Million people. The majority stood irrelevant.

2) Majority of Russians were moderates. The communists killed 50 Million people. The majority stood irrelevant.

3) Majority of Chinese were moderates. The communists under Mao Se Tung killed 70 Million people. The majority stood irrelevant.

4) Majority of the Japanese were moderates before World War-II. The Japanese butchered their way across South East Asia and killed Millions.The majority stood irrelevant.

5) It took less than 10 Pakistani nationals to bring India on its Knees during 26/11 and killed hundreds of us. The majority in Pakistan stood irrelevant

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