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“What do you understand of spirituality? It’s just a business”, lamented a high profile left wing intellectual and threw a challenge at me. I gave him the following explanation:

70% of the universe is dark energy. 25% is dark matter. So, we do not have an idea about 95% of the universe. Of the remaining 5%, 4% is atomic matter in interstellar space which is invisible. Of the remaining 1%, 0.5% is Hydrogen and Helium. Of the last 0.5%, 0.49% is neutrino and light or electromagnetic radiation.Thus the entire visible universe is 0.01% of all that exists. This consists of all stars, universe, galaxies etc etc we can see.

Whatever we can see is physical. But we can see only 0.01% of all that exists!!! How do we understand things beyond our five physical senses?

When one’s ability to experience life transcends the limitations of the physical, then we say one is Spiritual. Transcending the physical means Spiritual. Spirituality is Seeking. It’s not a belief system.

Science is confined to physical reality. The Subtler, Shunya and Shiva levels of reality are covered by Spirituality. If you say, science is the only way to seek, then it is prejudice abetted by ignorance. Converting science into technology is Popular Science. There is Yogic Science as well. Spirituality is primarily Yogic Science.

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