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The Science of Sanatana and Vedas

For those who call Sanatana Dharma and Vedas as primitive, orthodox and unscientific : An explanation about the origins of creation(The Shiva-Shakti episode or the Big Bang Theory)

1) We classify knowledge at four levels – Physical, Subtler, Shunya and Shiva. Shiva is the highest level here.

2) Shiva means ‘that which is not.’ Shiva is a cosmic man lying down across the cosmos and he is nothing. He is not physical but he is opaque.

3) Then Shakti (certain level of energy) came and danced around. Today modern science says that there are virtual electrons and protons in the vacuum spaces and when electromagnetic forces are applied, they align themselves in an elliptical order. So, when Shakti danced around, He got irritated and He woke up.

4) He got angry and he roared. So, we call him Rudra (a roarer). Now, what is Big Bang? Was it only one Bang? Scientists today say, there is no guarantee. Many Bangs when throttled up means a Roar.

5) So, when he roared, the Yoga says, he spat out galaxies but they are non-material galaxies. Then Shakti touched Shiva and She gathered inertia. Inertia is the tendency of a body to maintain its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force. Till then she was ecstatic and uncontrollable.

6) Can you gather inertia if you didn’t have mass? So, she didn’t have mass till then. But when She touched Him she got mass and inertia and became more stable which is what the creation is today. This is Yogic theory which existed 5000 years back.

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