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U.K’s Intervention In India to Destroy It From Within

The background of Europe-India relationship is Colonial History and the Missionary Accounts.

The modus operandi is :

A) Christianising India by taking over its disenfranchised segments of the society.

B) Criticising India in large Multi-National Forums such as the Durban Anti-Racism Conference of 2001, The Geneva Conference of 2009 and European Parliament.

Now, let’s see as to who are the major players in this anti-India mission :

a) Christian Solidarity Worldwide : Runs with a Dalit front and collaborates with Dalit-faced evangelical groups in U.S and does only anti-India advocacy by these tools.

b) Dalit Solidarity Network – U.K : This cultivates radical politicians( extreme left to extreme right ), powerful civil servants in India, use them for advocacy against and collaborates with London Institute of Asia (LISA) which openly calls for balkanisation of India.

c) International Dalit Solidarity Network : It brings Church affiliated Dalit activists and academicians from India for lecture tours of Europe and for providing testimonies before European Parliamentary bodies.

d) India based Dalit Institutions and individuals with Church Links : They specialise is blaming Indian Culture as incurably anti-Dalit due to the Aryan Race Theory( which is a flawed and discarded theory now).

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