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U.S.A’s Role in Weakening India

U.S Government has a direct role in weakening India from within. Here is my take on it :

The U.S Congressmen and Senators have been playing an indirect role in their official capacity, apart from the indirect role played by the non government think-tanks and activists in the breaking India project. By discerning the nuances involved in the working of the U.S Government, it can be established that the U.S Government has a direct role in this sinister plan. Let’s see how :

a) The International Religious Freedom Act which was passed under heavy lobbying of the Christian Right, was passed with the goal of binding the Christian populations in the developing nations to the right-wing Christian Organisations in the U.S.

b) U.S Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) filters and synthesises data on India’s internal religious affairs for the purpose of strategic policy making by the U.S Government.

c) Pew Trust: It spreads atrocity literature against India. Its report relies solely on secondary Christian sources and the main theme always is showing Hindus in poor light, attacking the Christians.

d) U.S Government Agency for International Development (USAID) : It has had a deliberate strategy to allow its funding on Indian projects to be increasingly controlled by the evangelical organisations.

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